oranges, etc.

I stumbled upon this post by Remodelista and really liked the modern match of wood and metal. Of course, all those tables cost quite a bit so I thought of alternatives, namely in Ikea. After some searching, I came across the Vittsjö laptop table, which has that metal frame look. Only thing is that I didn’t really like the glass top and started looking for ways to replace it with a wood top instead.


  1. This is the finished piece in its natural environment. You can choose to forget the small shelf if you want that pure rectangular prism look. I kept it for functionality as now I have a space to clip my little light and not on a book.

  2. The top is a piece of laminated pine from Home Depot. Much thanks to the employee who cut the piece to the perfect dimensions. It needed to be sand down before using, done on top of a Diego rug to protect the floor. 100cmx36cm is what the top should be if you want it flush against the frame.

  3. All the pieces, ready to be assembled.

  4. MAGIC! The final table! Ha! …I forgot to take photos of the actual table assembly, which was pretty much follow the instructions on assembling the Vittsjö table until you get to the part to put the glass table top on.

  5. Modified Ikea instructions to explain how to attach the top. The table has 6 small tabs where the original intention is for you to stick their anti-slip stickers on and place in the glass top. What I have done instead is drill a hole into each of the tabs so I can screw the wood top on instead. This, combined with adding wood glue around the frame, allows the wood top to be pretty secure. I used a Black and Decker electric drill to drill the holes. And yes, it works even if the tabs are metal.

The cost of this is $39.55 for the table, $15.04 for the table top and time spent on assembly.