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Lots of gouache + pen
Gouache and pen 2
Gouache + pen
Drift - Gouache, October 2013
Gouache study - September 8, 2013


It’s been a tough time for some of my closest friends, this is dedicated to them.


The “I can’t believe Anime North was only a week ago sob” convention report

Photos: My uninspiring table, amazing too-pretty-to-eat fancy fancy nougat from Koyar, our behind-the-table snack bar, Mr. Penguin chillaxing between ZanaZac and me while orangisque was off somewhere, the view from our hotel room at night, Toki (Skwerly/phaena) doing yoga behind us, Shin (ill-intent) getting his hair done by orangisque, and my convention swag~! I got a copy of pepita for $10 from the Beguiling, orangisque’s wonderful Bedtime Stories, and gorgeous prints and stickers from koyamori - and even an original watercolour painting too ;o; EDIT: ARRGH I just realized one of the prints is upside down in my photo *fails horribly* Here it is right-sideup on koyamori’s da :O

I remember the good old days I used to write whole essays of my convention reports on LiveJournal. Alas those detailed days are gone but I shall do my best.

it’s always awesome getting to see so many old friends, meet new ones, and chat with so many of the artists too - absolutely my favourite part of the joys of Anime North!

This year orangisque and I stayed again with ZanaZac and Rachelle! We took Thursday off so that we could check in and get our prereg and Comic Market badges without stressing out. I used the free time to cut fabric for covering a new postcard board, did my inventory, lounged around the hotel, ran about in circles, ate food, and chatted about tons of things, from art techniques to hockey manga to looking up hilarious YouTube videos to whatever happened to be on our minds! We also got to have a mini artshow of ZanaZac’s paintings pre-Gallery Momiji, and we joked about taking down the paintings in our hotel room and replacing them with his acrylics XDD

On Friday morning Rachelle left with friends to go to Yorkdale Mall, and was all “What are you guys going to do all morning?” WHAT INDEED. Apparently the answer was: watch The Price is Right, watch some kids show with chubby parakeets building train tracks (?????? or something), and run Weather Network on repeat till we got tired of hearing the weather lady’s sound effects for how cold it was for the seventh time.

And it was really quite cold and Thurs and Friday. ZanaZac only brought short sleeves and I was getting cold just watching him brave the elements :( but fortunately Skwerly came to the rescue with a giant sweatshirt on Friday. Yay!

Now as relaxed and destressed as we were before the convention started, the flipside of all this lounging was that by the time Friday came around and we were actually ready to setup our Comic Market tables, we already felt like we had been at the convention for a long time … lol …

Plus, setup was a bit of a gong show, as usual. It’s like every year no matter how much one plans and prepares, you always miss anticipating SOMETHING. And you just don’t know till you get to the convention, and each day’s setup still involves tweaking until finally, on the last day before you pack up and go home, your table setup is perfect. :P One thing I discovered was that one of my display easels broke in my suitcase. I had an extra, but the angle was such that the center of gravity of my board was too high and it kept toppling over. I had to jam a basket down over where the board rests on the easel back so that it would stand up straighter and not fall. And thank heavens that Koyar let me splay my stuff over more than half a table ;p;

Sales-wise, this year was a super busy one for me! As mentioned in my previous commission photo posts, I took 18 commissions this year, and all were watercolours. Not a single pencil sketch commission! Another thing that really surprised me was that a lot of people were buying books. I even sold 4 copies of Living in Myth, which is practically the total number I would expect to sell in 1 year if I’m lucky. So wonderful~! It really motivates me to make more books and more original things!

On Saturday night we had a Suddenly Sentai dinner at Tucker’s Marketplace, planning our next comic ~ actually more like me bossing people around to confirm a printer choice for our next book and then everyone eating and gossiping XD We should go out to a nice restaurant every AN Saturday, it’s such a great break and way to recharge after such a long, intense day!

On Saturday night I had a lot of trouble sleeping, and eventually I took two pillows with me into the bathroom to work on my commissions. :x orange found me there later in the morning lol. Good thing was that I was able to start Sunday with a clean commissions slate and be more relaxed than I otherwise would have been. Surprisingly it didn’t affect my wakefulness on Sunday too much, but that was probably adrenaline, as after since I got back to reality work I’ve been really sleepy and going to bed earlier than usual.

Some funny/stupid stories I can remember at the moment:

- The theme of this year’s convention was “WHAT DO”. orange and I screamed this at each other a lot for random or no reason at all, and our friends soon joined in. WHAT IS HAPPEN WHAT DOOOOOO

- Louisa and Colin got really excited because CSIS (Canada’s FBI) had an information/recruiting table at Anime North. (“They look really bewildered, like “WTF ARE WE DOING HERE”)

- While we were eating at Tucker’s and talking about recent Toronto news, Indiegogo sent me a marketing email titled “Track Lost Valuables And Investigate Toronto Mayor”. This cracked everyone up.

- Skwerly and Ill-intent joking about getting fake abs for Toki cosplay using six-pack rings etc. Back at the hotel, ZanaZac discovered the iced tea he brought had a six-pack-plastic ring so we saved it for Skwerly as a joke. While trying to remove them from the bottles, he accidentally ripped one. orange: IT’S OK, NOW SHE HAS RIBBED ABS

- Spending one late evening trying to cover my ears with saran wrap and a rubber band because I had a minor ear infection and can’t allow any water to get in while I shower … but I still had to wash my hair :/
orang: *trying to rubberband the saran wrap* Your ears are too flat and close to your head :///
me: BAWWWWWEWEEWEWWWW WHAT DO *running around hotel with saran wrap all over head okay not really*
In the end I used some twine orange brought for her table setup to tie it around my head and secure the rubber bands and saran wrap. When I got home I picked up some ear covers (tiny shower caps for your ears) so things have been much better. But talk about cosplay-like frustrations without actually getting to cosplay D:

Art sales/commissions related stories
- Getting fed by customers. orange and I both had customers who left us with food (a box of pocky and a bag of strawberry chocolates). YAY THANK YOU~
- orange posing for me for some commissions and trolling me by making lulzy faces
- Back at the hotel, everyone critiquing/nitpicking the design of this character I had to draw (not an oc). Part way through I looked at my sketch and was like “… it looks like she is putting on deodorant ;p;” and everyone started laughing.
Me: also I have to erase this extra set of boobs and arms going the wrong way 3:
Me: you know how when you draw something like an arm and then you change your mind about how it is posed and then you draw another arm but you haven’t erased the first one yet and then you have like six arms *thinking this is like a typical artist problem*
orange: … I DON’T DO THAT
Me: QQQQQQQQQQQQQQqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

The end of my con report. Here’s to Anime North 2014 being even more full of adventures and good times~